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Flash Pascal is a Pascal like language compiler that build Flash (SWF) files.

Pascal for Flash compiler (c)2008 by Paul TOTH
Pascal for Flash compiler portions (c) 2011 by Péter Gábor

Flash Pascal is released under the terms of GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2. See copying.txt or gnu.org for details.
The history of developement can be found in the history.txt.
The project is hosted at SourceForge.net.

You can build such 3D animation or a MineSweeper game with just some Pascal knowlege!

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A draft version of Flash Pascal Manual is available to get more informations.
The latest release is waiting for you to download from our project page.

You can contact the project maintainer by email or sometimes on IRC (#flashpascal on irc.freenode.net)
Suggestions, contributions and bug reports are welcome!

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Regards, Paul TOTH & Péter Gábor